Deleting 'files of types' from ASCII Import

My data contains date in different format such as Day Month Year, M D Y. Sometimes data columns differ such as some csv file contains ticker in the first, date in the 2nd column while other csv contains ticker in 2nd column and date in first column. I have to work with different types of data format. as a result, I have to create lots of 'formats' in amibroker. As i was novice I forgot to rename those meaningfully. Hence, now-a-days i felt difficulty importing data to amibroker using 'ascii import'. when i try to import data using ascii import, it show lots of formats under 'files of type' though those are not available in 'format' folder of amibroker. Please see the picture as attached here. the red circle in the image i want to delete. I also attached 'formats' folder situation where none of the 'file of types' except the 'DSE_CSV_EOD_YMD_TICKER_OHLCV' available. How can I delete others file types in the 'red circule' area. thanks.


Edit Formats/import.types file using Notepad.

thanks. it works. :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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