Delta Phenomenon - Cycles Study

Hello people

This is still the strangest book about trading (cycles) that I've read, and is from Welles Wilder, nothing less (the RSI creator).
In it he claims that there is a "Hidden Order in All Markets".

The system uses a strange and very specific period:
Every 4 revolutions of the moon around the earth, that is every 4 lunar months.
Lunar month = mean period of 29.53059 days (29 days 12 hours and 44 minutes).
So 4 LM = 118.12236

Cutting to the chase, I have the short study written for TOS here:

input start = 20010101;
input period = 118.12;

def count = DaysFromDate(start) % (period * 4);

AddVerticalLine(count >= 0 and (count[1] < 0 or count[1] > count), "1", Color.ORANGE, Curve.FIRM);
AddVerticalLine(count > period and count[1] <= period, "2", Color.RED, Curve.FIRM);
AddVerticalLine(count > period * 2 and count[1] <= period * 2, "3", Color.BLUE, Curve.FIRM);
AddVerticalLine(count > period * 3 and count[1] <= period * 3, "4", Color.GREEN, Curve.FIRM);

Any idea on how to convert it to AB?

@Nick, if someone else want to learn more about it, I see there is link to this "strange" (at least IMHO) stuff here.

A literal AFL translation does not seem too difficult (even if, as implied above, I'm quite skeptical about its usefulness).

In any case, do you have a TOS chart (ideally for SPY) to show how it should look?

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@beppe when you have some time give it a read. If we have the code we could play with it here extensively.

It's a cycles study with colored vertical lines and given fixed interval/s. That's it.
You can see a pic of what it looks like in the same link you provided.

I currently don't even have TOS installed. I stopped using it a while ago.

Hey @Nick,

You call this strange! I doubt it !

I wonder whether you are really interested in the application of these "strange" things onto a price chart. If yes then, Bryce T. Gilmore is the man for you. His works - Geometry of Markets and Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends are simply mind-boggling in regards to the heights of strangeness that can be brought onto a price chart.

It's just that the polarity of trading systems can be from as simple as a Moving Average to anything. I truly become mesmerized with these concepts. After all psychology has to do with the most for trading success.