Deploying a flask server from afl

So I know this sounds like kind of of a out-there question. So in alot of my algo trading in python I host flask servers via google cloud so I can monitor my current positions/modify positions(in a worse case) when im out and about with my phone. I want to be able to do the same with amibroker. "why cant you login to Interactive brokers to monitor your account" because when I do so it disconnects my TWS so I don't want to mess things up. "why cant you hook up to interactive brokers api in python and retrieve the info and host a flask server from there" I don't think you can have more then 1 websocket connections to TWS at a time ( correct me if I am wrong )

If any of you guys think this is possible/have a solution for my issue of wanting to view my trading stats when am am AFK it would be appreciated.


Another "why can't you ?"
so why can't you just remote login/access into wherever you want to from your mobile device ?
because you just want to monitor or see if all is ok occasionally and it would be for short durations.

Because it disconnects TWS whenever Iogin to IB from anything else. Yes exactly I just want to be able to occasionally check up when im AFK

Teamviewer ?

Just log in to the computer running TWS.

by remote access i meant Teamviewer / Anydesk / MS remote desktop / VNC etc

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Wow Anydesk is SWEET. Thanks!

Another similar but cheaper solution is RemotePC. If you have never used it before, you can subscribe, for the first full year, for a total of less than 3 USD (for two devices - "Consumer" plan). It is not as fancy and refined as some of the more famous names, but you can also use it for commercial purposes (prohibited by TeamViewer's "free" plans).
As usual, before committing, take the free 1-week trial to see if it is enough for your purposes.

Not an endorsement; I use it only for infrequent, non- critical, connections and file transfers to/from a remote machine. I never employed it for live trading purposes.


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