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I know we have been around this issue before, but I still wonder what the best practice solution is. I have a desktop with amibroker. I travel a lot so I also have a laptop that I use away from the office often with no network connection. I have norgate data on both, so data is not an issue. I would like the desktop to be the master and the laptop to be the slave and sync the slave to the master so that the environments are identical when I leave the office. When I return I would like to be able to sync any changes back to the master. I suppose simply copying the entire AB directory from one to the other would accomplish this, but I feel that there should be a better way.

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sometime back a friend introduced me to a quite popular software called SyncThing,
its FOSS Syncthing - Wikipedia

For my machine I tested the following:

  1. It has ability to do in real-time as well as pause(on/off), also more than one PC can be configured.

  2. It has master - slave config as well so direction of sync is clear and prevents a mess.

  3. it has conflict resolution and a trash like thing.

  4. Another thing is we can use patterns like regex of their kind to specify what to sync. So i have excluded DB folders and some Layouts etc. Mostly i need AFL, APX sync'd
    Exclude DLL, EXE and other such extensions that are not required.

It has many security features among other things, but it works well for my need so now after some weeks of monitoring initially, it behaves like i need it to so its on auto-pilot.
There are additional steps to make it start with windows, nothing by default. We need to put a shortcut in windows startup folder.

My Developer friend uses it push script updates and more complex needs so I'm certain you'll find it useful.


You can configure multiple root path folders, so its not only syncing my AB, but many other Directories where i change file data like spreadsheet/txt/Doc "at will" without worrying about backing up / syncing everywhere.
An in one PC, one folder is synced with cloud.
The PATH in each PC need not be identical either, we just specify individual paths in each PC, so we dont need to worry about keeping same path in disk. ie. ROOT folders for each sync config.

I also read few topics going back a long way but nothing as sleek as this one so far :slight_smile: Its lightweight and the GUI runs in the browser.

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@BBands, if your systems/applications configuration allows it (permissions, user settings, etc.), instead of simply copying entire folder trees, as suggested by @nms51, you could use a "sync" application to synchronize both ways or mirror folders (and/or compare files content).

While the software he suggests is especially suited to continuous file synchronization (also over internet) for occasional use (when you reconnect your laptop to your home/office network) you could consider other alternatives.

Personally, I use Beyond Compare - Pro (in my case mainly to quickly compare source files/formulas and mirroring some folders) but there are other applications like the free FreeFileSync.

But keep in mind that this may not be a surefire way to accomplish your stated purpose: some settings are saved in the registry (although I think some differences may not be critical).
Anyway, I suggest a full AmiBroker backup before experimenting.

Search the forum for similar topics like this one.

Obviously, in case you don't need to synchronize data, but only certain files (formulas, projects, etc.) a possible alternative is to use software like git and GitHub (or similar services) by creating a dedicated repository. But of course, this requires some familiarity with the functions of this tool that is mainly used by developers.
The main advantage of this type of software is the ability to compare the changes made and if necessary restore previous versions.
Furthermore, any synchronization (manual) is possible every time you connect to the internet even from remote locations.


Normally I need only the AFL coding part to be synchronized with my all the device. So, I change my directory of formula to one drive folder.
and it is working fine for me.

Last month my hard disk of laptop got crashed and it is not recoverable by local shop at my location.

My hard work got saved due to one drive synchronization.


I have had a good experience using FileHamster.

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One thing that i observed is how most of the sync softwares ultimately behave.
In some case a limitation arises with simultaneous editing even with syncthing.
I have to avoid running AB on both at the same time. One instance is enough for my use though.
( both AB can run, but more specifically avoid editing simultaneously objects that are in sync)

Sync even though is real-time, there is usually a lag for performance reasons and if one ends up making a change in that time window, then I get conflict files that i manually have to clean up.

For non AB stuff, Eg. if Excel has both local files opened in their respective machines, then it will block sync from overwriting or updating (file in use) so such cases need a "user" thumb rule to operate in a disciplined way. (Even AB will use the last instance settings while saving if multiple run changing the same common thing)

Better to use Beanland: AutoVer
It is freeware and have the required feature.

I'm in the exact same situation. I use RemotePC to access my (much more powerful) desktop from my laptop. It's extremely cost effective and it only relies on needing a decent internet connection. I pay the extra $10 for hotspot on my phone. I found that easier than trying to keep everything sync'd.

SyncToy is still available for download and still works even though it's not supported by Microsoft anymore.

You can use a dropbox folder to put all your formulas in and then change the preferences in Amibroker to both look at the same folder on dropbox.
Hope that helps

SyncToy - It is a good tool. Reduce my manual copy paste folder and files.

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i am using Synctoy now on Windows 11. Works great but they say Synctoy discontinued in Jan 2021 and does not support W11. But I am using W11 and seems to work fine however since it is discontinued maybe I need to look for an alternative.

I don't see any technical reason why software that works in Windows 10 would stop working in Windows 11. These systems are pretty identical except some unimportant/cosmetic UI polishing

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thanks. Yes it is working fine. But I also downloaded AOMEI backupper that also has a sync function. I am using the free version for now. Also works good.

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