Determine How Many Bar

Hello everyone.
a little help please.
I want to determine how many bar is true to my condition since, lets say, 2 January 2017.
I want to know how many bar/day the volume > MA 20 Volume since a certain periode.

please help me…

@galih_yudhi Welcome to the forum. Many helpful users here but they like to see you make an effort, write some code and then ask for help if you have not got your code correct.

A good thread on the forum that can help you with the subject of counting bars since a particular date,

From those posts you can come up with something like this for your specific condition.

Range = Cum( Status("barinrange") );
Condition = Volume > MA(V, 20);
BarsConditionTrue = Sum(Condition, Range);

Depending on what you want to "Explore", you can see an example of what is being calculated. Here the dates are entered in the Analysis window, and for the symbol SPY since the start of the year, 82 times this has occurred in the 221 trading days so far this year.



Thank you so much @portfoliobuilder
I already read that post last night and I still can’t find the function I needed. I’m still very new to this amibroker coding, and still cant find the right combination of function to determine what I want to explore.
But anyway, thank you for your information.
I hope you can help me next time in the future (and sorry for my bad english).

May be useful to get you started