Development work on a more usable IB Controller

I would like to customize the IB controller to my trading setup - I am wondering if any forum members would be interested in taking on such a task.
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Ok fine.

  • IBController is perfectbly usable atm except it doesn't expose a few features of recent API versions

  • You can sign & get access to (free) IB API there IBKR Trading API Solutions | Interactive Brokers LLC

  • Doc is here TWS API v9.72+: Introduction

  • I've updated IBController to v979 to handle all order types & get enough precision for bond prices. I customized it & changed a few things here & there too.

  • I'm waiting for the next stable API version to upgrade & finish a few things about news & quotes.

So the question is,, what do you want to achieve ? The point about a custom version is that it suits your needs and it's uneasy to find somebody matching. For instance I'm not interested in further developments for options. Simply describe what you want to do.


IBC is very low level, I'm assuming you are looking for something more simple?
See my reply here if that is the case: Auto Trading guide - #2 by Pinecone

I found that similar solutions that I would like to implement have already been described on the forum GetCursorYPosition() on GuiButton

You are aware that trading from chart is a BUILT-IN functionality and does not require any changes and works with standard IBController, aren't you?

The manual:

Hi Tomasz I'm using an IBController but but I saw this solution recently Brackets from the chart – TradingView Blog
and I thought I wanted a more workable version that will suit my trading style.
I regret that my programming skills are very low, but I think I can find some help, for which I will of course be paid well :slight_smile:

Now I realized that my problem is solved by customized button trading

Built-in order placement also includes bracket orders.

Hi alligator,

Are you willing to share your modification to IBController? I want to be able to send algorithmic orders.

I'm attempting to modify the source myself right now. I've figured out how to fill the order object for algorithmic orders but am having trouble getting it to compile without breaking other things, like the basic ability of IBC to connect with IB. I'm an OK C++ coder but not great and would be happy to benefit from someone else's work if you're willing to share.

Yes of course. It's open source as the original IBController but renamed to IBis to avoid name conflicts. PM.

I am particularly interested in getting options data from my Interactive Brokers account. I have found several controller versions on Github, and Amibroker.
Please point me in the right direction for the proper version. I am running Amibroker 6.4 Pro 64bit on Windows 10. Just starting out but need to do some serious back testing.
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