Difference between ability to back-test and ability to forward test

I regretfully feel that I might have hired the wrong programmer to look at my options trading project. Progress has been non-existent for over 20 days and he started over 126 days ago. There are constant delays. I don't even know the man's last name and he has ignored that question long ago. He won't open up a chat or share a daily status update no matter what I do to help make that very painless regardless of the outcome.

I am confused about the most recent wrench that has been thrown into the ring here, which is that even though we can now get a successful back-test, the strategy and code will have to be changed if we are to forward-test it with live trading in either a demo or live account.

That doesn't make a lick of sense to me. How can you have a valid back-test if the strategy won't trade?

I have been very cautious with him on account of all the communication challenges he seems to have, but none-the-less, I seem to have really messed up here.

Please advise if it is possible to be able to back-test a strategy, but not trade it?

Typically you can use your back testing code to find tomorrow's trading signals just by enabling the Artificial Future Bar as described here: https://www.amibroker.com/guide/w_settings.html. If you're using a CBT, then it's possible it may need to be tweaked to show you all the potential trades (i.e. orders) for tomorrow. As always, of course, everything is dependent on the skill of the developer who wrote your code.

All of the above assumes you are using AB to generate signals and then manually entering trades into your demo/live trading account. If you're referring to having AB sent orders directly to your broker, then that indeed is additional work, and will depend on who your broker is. For example, AB has a nice integration for communicating directly with Interactive Brokers, but for other brokers you may need to search for an integration, or perhaps even have one built.

Thank you for the thoughtful explanation. It's a breath of fresh air at this point. I feel like I have done everything humanly possible to work with this guy but am considering a change.

@mradtke had a good point. Think about, when you back test, you do not have to worry about if you are connected or not, live trade do.
What about if your broker does not have an order that you can send buy, loss and gain ? Live trade will need to take care of that, and what if you are trading and loose net ?

That sounds good. I sure hope he makes some progress today but I have my doubts.

He has definitely disconnected. No results so far at all

You seem to be very new to programming and auto trading. Backtest code and live trading code for auto trading are different as others have said. Live trading code takes much time and much testing til finished result as it requires additional variables to be taken into account. It is not as simple as you might think. Your obvious impatience results from inexperience. Expect many days/weeks (or even months) until going live with real money.

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Sure. And it also requires close collaboration with my programmer, which he basically refuses to do.

Auto-trading options without experience coding--wow balls of steel, good luck!!!