Different chart templates for multiple charts in the same layout

I thought it is feasible to have different chart termplate for different charts in the same layout and tried to save different chart templates in created "Amibroker/templates" folder and using load template/save template option - but it isn't working as envisioned - what am i doing wrong? Did i lock something?



Of course it is feasible. You can use several different chart templates in the same layout.

I should ask what do you mean by this, because I don't have a crystall ball, but I bet I already know the reason. You are probably opening Default charts (all your charts have the same chart ID). Follow the advices I have already given you in the below thread (as I can see, you haven't done that):

Besides (as Tomasz wrote) you should rather test everything using New --> Blank Chart, not a set of Default charts (especially if you don't want your drawings, studies etc. be displayed on all charts)

... and test how it works on this (or similar) example basic setup (animated gif):

And read carefully this:


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Is it possible/feasible to do the following in Amibroker:

  • I have a chart layout with 4 windows with 4 different time frames for the same symbol - is it possible to apply different chart template to each of these windows? I thought it is possible and i tried - but whatever i am doing in one window, i am seeing it replicated in other windows of the same layout. For eg: I want 34 EMA in one time frame and 5 EMA in other time frame in other window
  • Same question as above for studies: I want some studies to be across the windows in the layout and some studies specific to a window or chart template or a layout - is that feasible? Why am i seeing the studies across different time frame windows, different chart templates, and chart layouts?

I tried searching for and asking in this forum before, but i couldnt progress - should i start from scratch redefining the layouts and templates so i have different chart ids that enables these?

Yes just follow my instructions from this link and all your problems mentioned in point 1 and 2 will be gone. You need to use charts with different (unique) chart IDs --> New Blank Charts

Study the links from my post above and additionally:

Using custom layers

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Thank you - I will try this and let you know if it worked- as i need this to work.

I tried and it worked - the trick was to do it from blank chart - and i had redone all the chart templates and applied to the lay outs;

All my use cases are resolved;

I am wondering if i can customize studies - so that they appear across different chart templates (different chart ids)