Different indicators in different charts of different time frames of same symbol possible?

I have 3 different charts in 3 different windows displayed. All charts are for same symbol and each for different time frame.
What I see that when I add an indicator it is drawn in all 3 charts (3 windows). I want to draw different indicators in each different chart.
How can I do this.

You probably open new charts using File --> New —> New Default Chart instead of New Blank Chart or New Blank Pane ...

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I tried with 3 default charts and then went for adding one custom indicator in one of the charts. The indicator is drawn in all 3 charts. I want it to be plotted only in one chart.

Something else we need to think.

3 default charts - that is your problem! I wrote about it in my reply!

We need to think? I really don't need to think about your problems (but I already did that), I have my own... You need to ... Did you care to study those three links which were provided by me as a reply in the thread which I have pasted for you? I highly doubt that. Here they are:

A quote from: http://www.amibroker.com/kb/2014/10/06/relationship-between-chart-panes/

If Chart ID is the same for both charts – then it is essentially the very same chart. It means that all the hand-drawn studies and parameters are common for both charts (changes in one chart pane will affect the other) and all the drag&drop operations or formula changes affect both charts – that is because as a result of dragging and dropping indicators the underlying code is being modified (new sections are added). Such relationship between chart panes will happen when we open another chart window that uses the same chart template as the previous window (e.g. using File->New->Default Chart) or save chart template and load it from the other window.


if you did read those articles/posts, you would be able to easily solve the problem, besides you wouldn't be replying just a few minutes after my post had appeared.

I tried to replicate what you mentioned.
Still the indicators were appearing.

Then I tried to open a blank chart from (+) button, I did the work.

I got the clue from your post. Thank you very much.

There is really no difference between opening a new chart using File --> New —> New Blank Chart and clicking (+) button --> New Blank Chart. If opening New Charts instead of New Default Charts solved your problem, the solution was given to you in the first (and only) sentence of my first reply.