Different Parameters for different Charts and same template

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I have difficult on saving a chart with different parameters. I read 'Using per-symbol parameter values in charts' and 'Relationship between chart panes', but they both don't deal the case when using your own template.

  • Save chart doesn't operate because of it saves chart_ID too.
  • Open Blank Chart neither because of as soon as I load a Template it sets Templates's chart_ID on the Blank Chart. (chart_ID which templates was saved with, as Layout does).

To summarize: I need to save a chart with my own template and different parameters, obviously without recreating a new template every time I need to save a chart. Any advise, please?

First: you have to re-read "Relationship between chart panes" and understand that Parameters are CONNECTED to ChartID. You can only have different parameters if you have different ChartID. Template STORES ChartIDs, so if you load template the chart will use same set of ChartIDs as template.

Templates are not meant to be used the way you think. Template as its name says is a "template" (i.e. initial setup for new chart), so when you open up a chart for new symbol you don't need to add all panes from the scratch and you load "ready-made" set of chart panes that use defined set of ChartIDs (so multiple charts created from same template share parameters).

To create chart with different parameters, you must NOT load template. You have to start with BLANK chart and never load template to it.

You should use LAYOUTS instead of templates: Working with chart sheets and window layouts

Create separate layouts that you want to use (any number of them) using BLANK CHART as starting point, WITHOUT loading template. Once you save multiple layouts you can bring them back quickly (single click).

Hi Tomasz,
thanks a lot for your explanation and time to answer, but unfortunately I am not able to get what I would need. Maybe I miss something.

I have re-read and understood the bind between Layout and Template with Chart_ID: they all retain last inserted parameter because parameters are bind to Chart_ID which is saved with every Layout and Template.

But if every Layout and Template always save Chart_ID, how do I get a chart with its own parameter without building a new Window configuration (i.e. Panes) on a Blank Chart every time?

I just would need to save a file per Symbol with its own parameter without drawing the same window configuration every time

I have seen the way to do it by AFL, but it's not that way I can do modifying the formula every time.


Not every time. Once. Just once.
Just create save the separate LAYOUT for each "configuration" you want. Then you can quickly switch between layouts by double clicking on Layouts in "Layouts" window.

Thank you Tomasz, really.

I have been trying but I can't solve the trouble. I don't mean to abuse your time, before asking some more tips I will try to deepen the argument with your papers. Thank you again.

Best regards,

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