Different results between backtest and explorer

Hi, I need some help to debug a prob I am facing with regards to backtest signals vs what the explorer displays.

I have a simple query to buy and sell

basicsetup1 =   C > BB  AND ADX_Stock > 20 AND vol > EMA(vol, long_EMA);

BuySignal = basicsetup1  AND marketup;    /// Base Index conditions from foreign()//       

Sellsignal = C < BB1;

And as per above the system buys a particular stock PRAJ on 4 Jan 2019 and sells it on 25 Jan 2019. (see grab below)


The prob is when I scan using explorer to see if trigger is working fine and I see none of the sell conditions are met.
See below where both the triggers, Marketup & Sell is on expected lines on 25th Jan. Even the Chart shows the stock not having met the sell condition.


Can anyone guide me where should I look for errors/solutions?

Thanks in advance.

I suggest you begin by doing a simple forum search for "backtest explore" which will reveal many previous posts on this topic.