Different results in backtest and report

I'm new in the forum.
I have an issue with the backtest and in the forum I have not found the solution.
When performing a backtest the results of the list do not give the same result as the report.
Neither the sum of the profits gives a 70% annual profitability, nor the losses a 90% drawdown.
Why don't the results of the list match the report?Screenshot - 25_10_2020 , 22_17_26
Screenshot - 25_10_2020 , 22_18_27

What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me please?

Thanks in advance

Looks like you misunderstand report results.

What do you expect to be the same in the trade's list and in the backtest report?

It is hard to figure out based on the screenshots you posted (not all trades posted, width of the columns doesn't allow to see the full numbers), but the following formula should give you approximately 70% CAR in the backtest report if you use your numbers:

CAGR % = ((Cum. Profit + Initial Capital)/(Initial Capital))^(1/10) - 1

Cum. profit you can take from the trade's list, this will be the value for last trade.

Drawdown is not accumulated trade losses, but difference between the equity peak and equity trough divided on the equity peak value. It is possible to get this value from the trade's list, but trade's list posted is hard to read and process.

Hello ab-trader

First of all thank you for the answer.

I have put the results back so that you can see that it is impossible to have a 70% annualized return or a 90% drawdown with the results of the backtest.

Screenshot - 26_10_2020 , 23_03_47

I also give you the breakdown by years so that you can see that it is impossible with the results obtained by obtaining 639% in 2010.

Screenshot - 28_10_2020 , 19_25_25

Could it be done to the configuration of the settings?

Thanks again.

What is your initial capital?

Also please make columns wider so numbers can be seen in full, and add trade drawdown stats in the money and in % in the trade list.

After this we can try to resolve the question.

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Thank you very much!

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