Different set of rules for Long and Short

Greetings Experts,

Got a very basic doubt, what to do if Short != Sell and Cover != Buy? :smiley:

Let's say, we have four Arrays, namely, a1. a2, a3 and a4.

For Long:

_Buy = a1 > a2;
_Sell = a3 > a4;
Buy = ExRem( _Buy, _Sell );
Sell = ExRem( _Sell, _Buy );

For Short:

_Short = a1 < a2;
_Cover = a3 < a4;
Short = ExRem( _Short, _Cover );
Cover = ExRem( _Cover, _Short );

Not getting as desired Long/Shorts while back-testing - only long trades. Where am I wrong?

Thank you

Go to Backtest settings - "General" tab and apply "Positions" -> "Long and Short".

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@fxshrat slap me 10 times... Recently did a full clean Windows re-installation so with AB and forgot the settings. Lol