Different time frame prices are different


I am streaming GOOG and GOOGL from IBKR and plot of GOOG shows consistent current close price whichever time frame I move to but with GOOGL it is not the same.

Has anyone seen this issue before?

Thank you

I am plotting the GOOGL using PlotForeign function and it looks like this may be causing the issue.

When I open GOOGL as the main symbol problem is gone


Please read the manual:


that says:

Foreign function synchronizes the data file
you are referencing with the currently selected symbol.

Synchronization makes sure that EACH bar of FOREIGN data
matches exactly with each bar of currently selected symbol.

So if DateNum() function returns 990503 for given bar
then Close array represents the CLOSE of currently selected symbol at May 3, 1999
and Foreign("SYMBOL", "C") represents close of foreign symbol at May 3, 1999 TOO.

This is absolutely necessary because otherwise you won't be able
to do ANY meaningful operations involving both selected symbol and foreign symbol.

This also needed for the display so when you mark the quote with vertical
line it will always match the date displayed regardless if you use Foreign or not.

Please note that if you have data holes in currently selected symbol then in order to synchronize bars Foreign function will remove bars that exist in Foreign symbol but do not exist in currently selected symbol.

@Tomasz Would it be possible to implement an AFL instruction to select a reference ticker different from currently selected symbol to avoid the data holes problem ? And back to current symbol when/if plotting of course. And/Or synchronize with a 'fake' AB internal symbol with no data hole (24/7) ?
Thanks a lot.

Short answer is no, just change active symbol to that you want to use as reference.

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