Different time intervals for different ticker symbols

suppose I have a data in 1 minute format (starting from 9:20 am ,then 9:21 am , 9:22 am and so on ) in CSV format .
name it "ABC"
Now , what i need is to have copy of it "ABC1" which will skip the first candle of 9:20 am.

so now if I import ticker "ABC" in amibroker and view it in 5 minutes format , it will show candles such as 9:20 am then 9:25 am , 9: 30 am .....
and when I import ticker "ABC1" and view it in 5 minutes format , it should show candles starting from 9:21 am , then 9:26 am , 9:31 am and so on...

please tell me how to do it.
thanking you in advance.


I don't understand why you need to get rid of your first data bar.

You might be able to change the timestamp of your data to do what you need.
Check out Tools->Preferenced->Intraday and then see if you can set it up for what you want.

Changing the timestamp will change for all the ticker symbols .
I want it to be ticker specific like I want one stock to have timestamp ( in 5 minute) as 9:20, 9:25 , 9:30 and other stock to have timestamp as 9:21 , 9:26 , 9:31 and so on.

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