Differentiating instances

I have AB installed twice on different drives for the same user. Currently I use /Tools/Customize/Appearance/Themes to differentiate but I find the settings are in-fact not instance independent.

Is there another way to skin the UI that sticks independently?



Some settings are stored in the Windows Registry so those will be common across instances for the user account.
If you want separation you can try and run AB in different user accounts.

UI customizations are stored in Windows HKEY_CURRENT_USER so they are per Windows user, not per installation.

Use case:

The setup is a server running the production version of the trading solution. Access to the server is via remote terminal services. The terminal services licensing does not permit multiple concurrent logons for different users. At times the debugging and trouble shooting of a production issue cannot be replicated in the development environment. Logon to production and open a second instance of AB so as not to affect in any way the main instance. Be very sure to not forget which instance is which as you make changes and try code, perhaps over hours or days. Do this by visually differentiating the AB instance.

AB is very versatile in the sense that one need not separate by Instance necessarily.

Within the same running instance: you can have production and development file versions stored in their respective APX project files. Since its a server I am assuming that the "context" is Analysis windows and we are not really interested in Charting ( AB Charts).

Further, the Analysis and Chart AFL files can use different color coding scheme to distinguish between production and development too.
Background colour of Charts can be changed, Analysis windows foreground/background cell colour can be changed.

Just some suggestion because I dont know exactly what your are looking for, but since colour is your choice of separation, I can think of using AB functions to help separate by colour.

You can have different background color for the charts because background color is stored in broker.prefs (file inside AmiBroker directory)
So if you run from two separate directories you will have two different preference sets (including chart colors)

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