Disappearing "no name" Database

Probably because i forgot to give a name to my database "1" ( i was probably tired that day), symbols and watchlists have now disapeared from Symbols pans.

  • Chosing for "1" in file/Open database,
  • Looking in File/ Database setting
  • Choosing C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Data\1 in tools/preferences/Data
    No way to retrieve the database.
    However In Amiquote i can see it in File/"untitled"". When i choose it all its ETF quotes can be normally downloded from Yahoo.
    Any tip to regain this "damned" database," find it and rename it ? Otherwise, as i am currently stopped, i might be obliged to rebuild a new database with a name....
    Time to wonder "practice makes perfect".....
    Thank u in advance for yr know-how...

A must read about databases

In short you do NOT open digit- based subfolders as you tried. These subfolders are part of database and you only open parent dir.

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