Disappearing watch list drop down menu - no arrow


I am using an official ver 6.28, facing a problem - rhe drop down menu for "Watch Lists" has disappeared.

Kindly see attached screen shot.


Thanks for the help.


Most obvious reason...
You have empty lists and have checked to hide empty lists.
See video:


So if that is the case then UNCHECK it.

If "Hide empty watchlists" was unchecked before and still no lists shown then go to AmiBroker installation folder "...\AmiBroker\Data\Watchlists" and see if you have at least index.txt file in there.
If Watchlists folder is completely empty (no .TLS and no index.txt files in there) then you have deleted it/them yourself (or some Anti-Virus software).

So you can at least re-create index.txt file via some NotePad software.
Close AmiBroker.
Copy following lines:

List 0
List 1
List 2
List 3
List 4
List 5
List 6
List 7
List 8
List 9
List 10
List 11
List 12
List 13
List 14
List 15
List 16
List 17
List 18
List 19
List 20
List 21
List 22
List 23
List 24
List 25
List 26
List 27
List 28
List 29
List 30
List 31
List 32
List 33
List 34
List 35
List 36
List 37
List 38
List 39
List 40
List 41
List 42
List 43
List 44
List 45
List 46
List 47
List 48
List 49
List 50
List 51
List 52
List 53
List 54
List 55
List 56
List 57
List 58
List 59
List 60
List 61
List 62
List 63

... and paste it to NotePad (and then save it as index.txt to "...\AmiBroker\Data\Watchlists" folder).

Start AmiBroker.

Hint for future:

Watchlists documentation:


Thanks a ton, been using Ami for over 2 years and never noticed the drop down menu at the top - the one u have shown.

thanks again.

Ok m now this a continuation to the above topic. First I will explain what actions I have taken and then ask questions, so please bear with me.

I have data from 2 DIFFERENT sources - futures & options real time data from one source and EOD data from another source - this has happened recently as the source which provides the futures and options data does not provide EOD data for main and sectoral indicies.

Yesterday evening I had changed the data base settings and the configuration so as to see the EOD indicies charts ! When I changed back the data base & configuration settings for the future & options
data - watch lists which had been created earlier , kindly see screen shot - were empty - I do not know if this should happen -- kind off expect them to retain the symbols entered earlier.


Any help on this is most welcome

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