Disappearing watch list

Since I do not get intraday volume for the NIFTY I am using a code which was given by @fxshrat a few months ago and it works perfectly.
The steps I follow are : create a watch list of the 50 NIFTY stocks and then use the code to get the intraday volume.

I am still using ver.6.28.0 which is registered to me and should save changes, one can see the "intraday volume" below the price.
Screen shot below ;

The issue I have is that every time I shut down and restart AmiBroker -- registered version . the contents of the watch list disappear ---screen shot below


Screen capture of My database settings is below

Please no comment about the "number of bars" -it is OK for me.

I have searced the forum and read whatever I thought relevant and been unable to arrive at a solution.
Kindly help