Discourse Bookmarks - not available any more?

Hello Tomasz.

I have noticed that I can't add bookmarks (using Discourse functionality) any more. I find them very useful. Is it because there is a limit which I have reached (I have lots of bookmarks) or because this functionality is no longer available? I know I can add bookmarks in my browser, but then such bookmarks will be accessible only when using this selected browser.

Thank you for the information and regards.

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Hi @Milosz

you can still add bookmarks but now you need to select this option at the bottom of the thread.



Yes, I also see the bookmark buttons so things seem to work as usual.

@beppe thanks for the information! I haven't noticed that.

I can see that now we even have some new options regarding reminders.

Am I correct that now we can only bookmark the whole thread instead of selected replies? I'm asking because I used to have bookmark icons under each reply, now there is only one - below the last reply in the thread. Thanks.

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Bookmark button was hidden. After some update Discourse authors decided to use ... (ellipsis) to hide less-often used items such as bookmarking. I have modified the settings of discourse to get rid of ... menu and display all options immediately.


Thank you Tomasz. Now I can see them again :slight_smile: