Discourse Topic or Location for New Feature Requests

To Everyone:

I would like to propose to Tomasz and the Discourse community the idea for having a Discourse area specifically for Feature Requests and Enhancements, if one does not already exist.

I believe this would be valuable when there are no other direct resolutions or when something cannot be easily accomplished. Once posted, users could add commentary or simply up-vote the feature request. Although Tomasz probably has enough to do just answering my own posts :wink: perhaps the number of up-votes could further guide product development. Please up-vote this post if you agree.

There’s already a feature request area in the Members Zone on the Amibroker website:


Currently there appear to be hundreds of requested features waiting to be decided upon. Many will obviously never be done as I see requests that are more than 10 years old despite having numerous “up-votes” via additional user requests on the same topic.:slightly_frowning_face:

So get in line @SwingTradeMonkey

Thanks HelixTrader and portfoliobuilder.
Yes, I am aware of the Members Zone, which requires a login and password. Since I am relatively new to Amibroker, I have not been permitted access to this area as of yet, so I cannot review previously requested items nor post new ones.

Furthermore, Amibroker has apparently has been recently improved with version 6 and beyond, so perhaps it makes sense to restart the feature requests and to tag them by the active version in use when the a user posts the feature request.

IMHO, having feature requests in Discourse, in this new forum, provides for a community created and centralized feature request and solution location. And even though one person may see something as a feature request, another may have a simple function or workaround, so new features can conceivably be quickly created by the community until such time they become are integrated into the platform.

The answer is NO.

Feedback Center is the only proper place for suggestions as only REGISTERED users have access. Allowing suggestions on public forum means opening Pandora’s box.

Besides as things stand out right now, with current overload of support, very little time is left for development.