Display 2 types of price chart


For a particular scrip, in 1 sheet, I want to display Candlestick chart and in the next sheet, I want to display a Line or Bar chart. When I change the style in 1 sheet currently, it automatically changes in other sheets too!!

I must be doing something wrong by using the Price AFL or am not sure what.

Please suggest on how this can be resolved. Thanks.

A quick bit of Googling first is always advisable before asking the forum…
Lest you subject yourself to a flaming.… :slight_smile:

See: http://www.amibroker.com/kb/2006/09/01/price-chart-with-independent-style/


In the example given by HelixTrader (nice one Alan!) I thought you might need a slight bit of further guidance. You need to insert the indicator twice, and then change the parameters to suit your preference.


Thank you. Appreciate your response.

Yes, Googling helps. Somehow, it didn’t strike me to do that, before posting in the forum.

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Thanks for posting the screenshot as well. Much appreciate!