Display Analysis Date Range on the Chart

I notice that my analysis date range from 2010 to 2015 displays a lot more than the specific date range (2001-2016) . Is there a way to limit how it displays on the chart? Or did I do something wrong?

Analysis and Charts are two separate items.

Analysis has it's own set of controls, that you have to set the way you want.

Thanks, Snoopy.

Then is there a way to set the analysis so that they both sync the plots on the same date?

I am not sure that I really understand your original question.

Since the Charting is more of a UI graphical environment, it is changed by user actions.

The Analysis is more program controlled, and settings based. I do not know of any way to control the settings from AFL. There may be a way by using/reading the .APX files, but that is beyond my ability (currently) to recommend or instruct.

Search on the Batch Files and processing, and there should be some references.

Thanks again, Snoopy. At least, you gave me a direction what I should look into.