Display chart up to a certain date only

It would be useful to be able to display a chart only up to certain point in the data, or to black out all subsequent data on the chart.
This would allow a review of historical signals, indicated by an exploration or system tester, without seeing what happened after the signal.
In real life, signals generated by mechanical trading systems are often arbitrarily overruled based on how promising they "look" on the chart at the time, in the belief that one's judgement and experience might improve the results. Unfortunately, there is no way to test this retrospectively because the chart is always fully displayed and one cannot avoid seeing what happened after the signal.
Is there any function within Amibroker or any AFL code that would accomplish this?
I can see a programmatic way to hide out all data after a certain date by changing all graph colors to equal the background. But that would require manually inputting the date after the chart is already loaded, defeating the purpose. Some way to automatically link such code to the historical signal date in System Tester or historical Exploration result would seem to be necessary.
Is this possible?

It is super easy and does not require any coding. Just use "BAR REPLAY" window: Bar Replay window

It does exactly what you are asking for

Having said that:

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