Display dates in the debugger watch window

Is there a way to quickly see the contents of datetime variables in the debugger watch window? I mean some meaningfull datetime, instead of numbers?

hello Bob
what about this ?

LastForeignBarDT= DateTimeFormat( "%Y%m%d", lastValue(DateTime()) ) ;

 printf( "\n LastForeignBarDT DateTimeFormat YYMMDD =\t" +LastForeignBarDT);

_TRACE( "DateTime= "+ LastForeignBarDT );

@bobptz one more example if you need it for a loop

for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ )
  Dtf= DateTimeFormat("%Y/%m/%d,%H:%M,", dt[i]);
  _TRACE( "DateTime Y/m/d,H:M= "+ Dtf );

Hi PanoS

Yes, I know how to use datetimetostr() and display them to the output.

What I am looking for is a quick way (without thee use of datetimetostr), to display a datetime variable in the debugger watch window, not in number format, but in datetime format.

Good mornig What about Now()

No, it does not do what I want.

Formatting datetime type as human-readable string in watch window is something that is planned. For now the only option is using DateTimeToStr().