Display external values in AmiBroker exploration

I have a CSV file with the following columns in order:
Ticker, IVRank, IVPercentile, IV
I want to call this file which is named as "IVRank.csv" and display IVRank and IVPercentile when i run exploration. Please note that the exploration also has other parameters such as Buy/Sell, RSI, etc. Along with these the report should also show the IVRank and IVPercentile which are in the CSV file. Can someone in this forrum help me code this?
Thanks a lot in advance
Pradeep PM

@pradeep_muthappa welcome to the forum.

A very bright solution to a similar problem was provided by @fxshrat in this past thread:

Please, study it and see if you can adapt to your needs using the Aux fields to import the required values. to later use them in your exploration.


Dear Beppe, thank you a ton for the kind response! You are so accurate in understanding my requirement. I have the solution now. Good bless you.