Display name of saved charts

I have a few saved charts, and I have more than one chart tab open. How/where do I see the name of the saved chart -- I can't tell which of my charts I have open.


Maybe you can add a Full Name to the title. Will make it easy to see the details of the stock name

Title = EncodeColor(colorBlack)+ Name() + " - " + FullName() 

Thanks, but it's not the stock name I'm looking for -- I can see that in the tab already. What I want to see is the name of the chart itself. The name the chart was saved as.

I think the chart is made of multiple panes.
each pane will have its own formula.
so i think chart itself is not a single formula.

but I found this function GetFormulaPath()

you can extract the name of File from the path string to help you display Formula name.

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It's not the formulas or panes I am looking for, it is the name that the whole chart was saved as.

I am talking about the files which are saved when you do File > Save As and save a whole chart. They are saved as '.chart' files


I have 4 of those charts loaded in this screenshot but, once they are opened I cannot tell which is which -- I cannot tell which I have open...

For example, if I make a change to the chart and want to save it, I don't know which of the saved .chart files I am working with.

If I close a chart and want to re-open it, I don't know which .chart file to re-open...

It is the .chart filename I am looking to identify.

Reason doesn’t exist is the norm would be to use chart sheets. The tabs are more for separating symbols and timeframes(which label would tell you).

Of course it exists. If there is a facility to save a chart as a filename, there must equally be a way to know the filename for a given chart.

It doesn't matter why I am using a chart or for what purpose. The facility is there to save charts -- it is completely irrational to imply that it is in some way wrong to use them.

@rdh001 As an example, just because because data can be exported as csv, and imported as csv, does not mean the program uses the data in exact same CSV form.

Similarly, you can export the chart via save as, but I dont think that Amibroker reads data from that .chart file every time you open it.
The last active session, is most likely stored in the Layout files like default.layout and other broker.* files like newcharts/params/prefs etc.

so @Tomasz is one who can clarify but i'm sure you have not understood the concept, so the .chart name does not appear anywhere. All one can see is chartID. ChartID is unique to a pane, not a chart.
Multiple charts can have link to same ChartID if using linked to same formula file.

I hope i'm explaining it correctly.
so maybe, you can use getChartID() and correctly interpret that to serve your purpose.
os set a variable in the formula and read that to get file/formula name.