Display RSI for all stocks

I have a simple query, is it possible to display today's RSI14 value or any other array value for all stocks in a watchlist in exploration. i just want to visualize values for all differed stocks of a particular variable ? output should look like below
symbol RSI
abc 50
xyz 23
mnc 72
please help

Please read docs on how to create own exploration

As well as further examples and information at AmiBroker KB


So what you want to do is pretty simple and requires just few lines of code.

SetOption("NoDefaultColumns", True);
Filter = Status("lastbarinrange");
AddTextColumn(Name(), "Ticker", 1);
AddColumn(RSI(), "RSI", 1.2);

In analysis toolbar define the Filter by clicking the filter icon
and then by including watchlist of your choice in next appearing Filter settings window.

Then hit Explore button.