Display security name instead of symbol


Some days ago I have started using EOD data from a company called "VIRATECH", they have been providing data service in India for nearly 3 decades.

I have used them in the past for Metastock and now decided to use their services for Amibroker.

However am faced with a situation that I have been unable to resolve, when using their data feed ----
in the title bar the symbol (in this case it is a number -- 70001247 -- for the NIFTY 50 Index) instead of the name is displayed.

A screen capture is shown below:--

For the past few days I have read the relevant section of the manual - not able to solve the issue.

Kindly help.

Thanks and regards.

If you want to show company name instead of ticker then in the Title code line replace {{NAME}} by {{FULLNAME}}and make sure that full name information is present in Information window's field named Full Name.

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@fxshrat , thanks for your reply.

I followed your instructions, used {{Full Name}} and {{FullName}} - both did not work.

A screen capture is attached.


You may notice that there is a " * " before the name [NIFTY 50 ] in the Information window, so I tried withe the S&P 500 Index [ NO" * " BEFORE NAME ] , still the same - screen capture also attached!!

Kindly inform me if you get a solution.

Thanks and regards.


Try {{FULLNAME}} - all in caps!

KB Article - How to add full name to the Price chart title

Symbol Information depends on your data-feed!

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thanks a lot,

issue resolved , thanks also for the link :-

KB Article - How to add full name to the Price chart title

warm regards

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Really @Jeetu, it is solved in post #2 already!

I have clearly used caps in my post to you. And what did you do? You did something different than what I have posted.



my apologies.