Display two indicators with different y-scale on same chart?

I have two plots with different yScale; Can they be in same chart with normalized yScale?

See Remap function of AB 6.30.

min_dest = 0;
max_dest = 100;

y_min1 = LowestVisibleValue(C);
y_max1 = HighestVisibleValue(C);
price1 = Remap( C, y_min1, y_max1, min_dest, max_dest);

sym = ParamStr("Foreign symbol", "AAPL");
frgn_price = Foreign(sym,"Close"); 
y_min2 = LowestVisibleValue(frgn_price);
y_max2 = HighestVisibleValue(frgn_price);
price2 = Remap( frgn_price, y_min2, y_max2, min_dest, max_dest);

Plot( price1, Name() + " Price (normalized)", colorDefault, styleLine );
Plot( price2, sym + " Price (normalized)", colorRed, styleLine );

Hi fxshrat, awesome, worked exactly what I was looking for. thank you very much.