Displaying Shortcut keys in use

CTRL-F2 doesn't insert a book mark as expected. I seems CTRL-F2 is assigned to some other function - one that doesn't seem to do anything.

  1. Would anyone know how to find out what my CTRL-F2 is assigned to?

  2. Is it possible to display a list of Shortcut keys in use in Amibroker?



This is a repeat post as I am still unable to use CTRL F2 to insert bookmarks. When I press this key combination nothing happens and I can't find out if this key-set is assigned to any other program or function.

Would anyone know how to fix this? I really miss CTRL-F2!

I verified that CTRL-F2 isn't assigned to any other function in the customize window.


AFL editor has separate set of shortcuts that are fixed-function (not customizable). Ctrl+F2 belongs to that.
They work if AFL editor is in the separate frame.

Thank You, Tomasz,

I use a floating editor window and the other bookmark-keys work fine, it is only the CTRL-F2 (Insert bookmark) that doesn't work.

Make sure that Ctrl+F2 isn't assigned to something else in main window as they could collide.

You can check this by going to Customize Keyboard page and trying to assign Ctrl+F2.
If it is already assigned you should get the error message as shown below:


If it is NOT assigned (i.e. only used in AFL Editor) then you won't get such error message.


I can enter any other key combinations in the "Press new shortcut key" window (like CTRL F1, CTRL F3, etc.) but CTRL F2 stays blank...that is the only key combination that doesn' show up.

Hence I do not get an already-assigned popup.

So it is apparently assigned to something.... I would press "Reset All" button. You will lost your keyboard customization but you will regain Ctrl+F2.

Done that, nothing works. If I tried to assign CTRL-F2 as a Shortcut key to another program and I get a message that it is already in use by another program:

How can I find out which program is using it? The keystroke doesn't invoke any visible action. I manually stepped through all AB shortcut key assignments; it is not used in Amibroker.

Herman, I don't know if my post will be of any help to you, but:

  1. Which AB version are you using? There were some problems with hotkeys in 6.25:
  1. Here you can find some tips on "How to Find out what program is using a hotkey". Maybe thanks to one of them, you will be able to identify the culprit.

On a sidenote. I have already written about it on the forum, but let me rephrase myself:

  1. There are many Windows shortcuts which might interfere with different programs' settings. I used to have a lot of problems, because I didn't know that pressing Alt + Shift or Ctrl + Shift changes Input language or Keyboard Layout in my system. Thanks to switching off these unnecessary shortcuts, I could assign may own hotkeys making use of Ctrl+Shift+ ...


How to Change Key Sequence in Windows 10:

  1. It might be also worth noting, that in some specific cases keyboard shortcuts might be "intercepted". For example there are many Forum keyboard shortcuts. Shift + "r" in the AFL Editor gives you (as expected) uppercase "R" but if at the same time you are using AmiBroker Discourse Forum and the browser is in focus, you might accidentaly start replying to some post :wink: Here are our forum's shortcuts:



Thank you Milosz,

that is useful info, but it looks like it will take some time to locate the culprit...

Well, you've been already dealing with this problem for quite some time :wink:

I would probably start from closing all applications, web browsers, addons etc. and checking if the problem persists... If not, proceed to opening them one by one ...

@Beaver apparently you have system global (Windows-wide hotkeys) shortcuts defined and they steal your keystrokes. Check third party programs (like for example AutoHotkey) that you have installed on your system. Some of them may register system-wide hotkeys and then they will take over anything you have set in any app.

BTW: AmIBroker does NOT use any system-level (global) hotkeys.

If by any chance you use a version Microsoft Visual Studio, a StackOverflow user suggests usingVisual Studio tool Spy++ (installed by default also with the free/community MS VS versions).
For instructions on how to use it scroll down to the 3rd answer.
(Use the 64 version for 64-bit system and applications or the 32-bit otherwise)

To intercept Windows system-wide hotkeys you have to select also "Registered" in the "Message Groups". If you suspect that some application is using CTRL-F2 try to press it out of AmiBroker and see it is a registered combination (the message will report "SHELLHOOK" in the message)

I use "Shift+Page up" and "Shift+Page Down" (Category>View>Sheet Next) to move from one sheet to other. It works fine, but the same is not happening when I close and come back to Amibroker. I use Amibroker 6.00.2 (32 bit). What could be the problem?

Is it the Trial version ?

It is a registered version.

What that is supposed to mean? Clarity of expression is needed, see How to ask a good question

In "Category > View > Sheet Next" I assign the shortcut "Shift + Pg Down". It works for that moment, but when I quit amibroker and come abck to the application after awhile or a day, the shortcut is not functioning. I need to reassign again. Hope I explained the problem clearly.

You may have installed some software (antivirus or whatever) that blocks access to registry or you may not have installed AmiBroker properly (so it can't write to its folder as it is write protected).