Displaying time axis correctly?

I cannot get Amibroker to display time on the bottom axis correctly. I live in a time zone GMT+7 ie 12 hours ahead of NY.
It was fine previously...all that has happened today is the month changed?

My Database settings are as follows:
I have tried using Exchange time but makes no difference.

The data in the database seems correct?

Appreciate any help

It works fine on our end with IQFeed. The post is missing important information

  1. what data source are YOU using?
  2. what AmiBroker VERSION are you using?

It is essential information: How to ask a good question Timestamps are created by the data source, without knowing it no-one is able to help.

For what it is worth if you declare timeshift -12 it means that time displayed will be 12 hours BACK to what your data source sends. So if your data source sends time stamp of February 1, 6:00 AM you will see January 31, 6PM( since it is 12 hour back)

Few things to check:
a) change the timeshift to zero
b) make sure that you don't have per-group timeshift specifically defined differently for given symbol

Also please don't bomb us with same message over support AND forum because you are making us to answer twice which is twice the work. Which means longer time to reply for everybody.

I am using Interactive Brokers TWS, the Interactive Brokers plug-in.

-12 hours is correct. I am 12 hours ahead of NYSE and want to display NYSE time on my charts.
AmiBroker VERSION is 6.10

This issue only occurs on one day, Jan 31 all other days are correct.

I have re-backfilled several times.

It occurs on all tickers and across databases .. whichever intraday database I open.

I am looking at the last chart you posted and I really see nothing wrong with the axis. The blue arrow points to space between 13:00 and 13:16 - what is wrong with that in your opinion?

On Feb 1st the time axis is fine. On January 31st it is not ...at 12 noon it changes to 20:00 hrs. Of course instead of the day finishing at 24:00 I want it to finish at 16:00

The first image shows the issue. This last one shows that the following day it reverts to normal hours.

I have deleted all tickers and reloaded the data but it still does this.

This could happen in version 6.10 when using timeshift more negative than -8.
You would need to upgrade to version 6.30.1 in order to fix that or use timeshift > -8 version 6.10.