Divergence( Array, Array, Number )

Greetings all,

Could you please help understand this function, especially, the 3rd argument - Number?

Is that a built-in AmiBroker function? I am still using version 6.20.1 and I don't see it in the Help file.


Yes it is....me testing Beta 6.28.0...Stable as of now....Got intrigued by this new function !

@Lennon I see that this (undocumented) function is actually available in the code editor also in previous versions (I tested it in an old 5.70 version). Seems not so new! :roll_eyes:

I suppose the last parameter must be a period (similar to correlation). But I will wait to see any official (or at least beta) documentation before using it.


Hey @beppe,

I imagine this function has to do with figuring out +ve/-ve divergence when two arrays are compared with each other and like you mentioned the 3rd argument probably stipulates the look back period.


P.S. My journey with AB started with v6.18 :upside_down_face:


That function is at least 14 years old as it is present also on AmiBroker 4.60 of 2004 (see picture below). How many more years it has been part? I don't know.

On the old list T.J. confirmed years ago that it is not a function for public use.

Possibly it is a function made on single request (by a friend) or own use...



This function is private. Third argument is not period. I am sorry, but since this function is not public, I can't provide more details, but there is nothing magical in it.

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