Dll decompiling / disassembling


I have a question for the real programmers. How easy is it to decompile a DLL written in C++, compiled using Visual Studio (2017).

If I build in a simple expiration date into my DLL how easy would it be for a programmer to decompile, remove the expiration date, and compile it again? Or just simply extract the code from the DLL?

thanks, Ed

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It does not depend on you, but on skills of opposite party (aka ‘hacker’). And quite frankly circumventing your expiration date does not really require any disassembling. Such things are done by just changing few bytes directly in the hex editor (machine code patching).

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thanks for your reply.

I found that for other programming languages there is free disassemble software available but read mixed commentaries on C++ . But I understand that there is basically no real protection for a plugin

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You do not get it. There are no “automatic” tools to crack your DLLs written in “C”.
But it is not about having a tool or not having it. In your experience level you don’t know how to protect the code against skilled hacker. Skilled hacker does NOT need to disassemble your code. He/she will simply put a breakpoints on conditional jumps and will quickly find out where you are checking your expiration date and will circumvent that by changing just one byte in your DLL.

In your attempt to “protect” you may search for some “ready-to-use” protectors/packers. Yes they exist. Problem is that hackers already hacked all those protectors (despite what vendors say).


wow, ok thanks,

regards, Ed