Do I need AmiQuote?

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I was wondering what's the difference between AmiQuote or any other data provider...

Do I need AmiQuote regardless, or I can choose an external data provider like Norgate? And what's best for EOD US stocks data?

Whenever you need or don't need AmiQuote depends on data source that you choose, see this:

From the products page at

AmiQuote allows to download and import the following data:

  • Historical End-of-day quotation data from Yahoo! Finance sites
  • Fundamental data from Yahoo Finance
  • Current and historical End-of-day data from
  • End-of-day data from,
  • End-of-day data from
  • historical End-of-day and Intraday Forex quotes from FinAm

Plus any of user-definable data sources such as, AlphaVantage, Tiingo Intraday IEX, (see AmiQuote 4.00 released)

Hi. I am trying to get intraday delayed of US Stocks/ETF's (100 tickers)and it seems to me that the only option from the premade lists (ie *.ads files) is My understanding is that they used to offer their API for free but after emailing them , rep said the API service is $500/month. How does one go from free to $500 per month is puzzling.

No, it is not the only option. Polygon.IO offers intraday data and is supported by AmiQuote 4.10+

Hello...I'm new to AmiBroker. After purchasing the software, I spent hours (~2 1/2 Days) reading the AB user manual, Knowledge Base, searching the AB forum/reading posts, etc. Sadly, I still have no idea how to import the S&P 500 Index (NOT the S&P 500 Stocks) historical EOD data from 1925 thru the present into AB. I've attempted to download the data from Stooq repeatedly using AmiQuote but have been unsuccessful.

I'm far from lazy...but it would be of great benefit if I could obtain step by step instructions as I'm not at all familiar with, ASCII, .txt, files, etc.

I'm very frustrated and would really like to start back-testing, exploring,etc. Help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully... Michael

To download S&P500 from Stooq you need just four simple steps:

  1. Run AmiQuote, select Stooq as "Source"
  2. In AmiQuote Add symbol ^SPX (that is S&P500)
  3. Set FROM date to 1925
  4. Click Download.

Here is how it goes:


Thank you very much Tomasz! Your taking the time to provide these instructions is greatly appreciated! Michael