Do NOT buy from Indian SCAM sites, nobody in India is allowed to sell AB

Hello everybody.
I want to buy Amibroker but unable to decide payment gateway to be used from india. Also I didnt spoken to anybody authorised from amibroker

I am worried about if anything missed and I couldn't get it done correctly, is any official help available, as email to support given machine response.


Genuine licenses are available only from

Please note that site is the only authorized shop for AmiBroker licenses worldwide. Only direct purchases guarantee access to software, members' zone, support and other services.

The only place to buy legal licenses is directly via our web site:

ANY other place is invalid and illegal. If you buy from anybody else license will NOT work.

Be afraid of Indian based sites having "Rich" in name and promising "signals" or ready to use black box "trading systems". They are all scam and illegal. You will lose your money.


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Unfortunately there is a new wave of Indian "businesses" that operate ILLEGALLY offering AmiBroker-based solutions. These are ALL ILLEGAL !

You MUST NOT buy from ANYONE in India. They do NOT have rights to sell AmiBroker.

If you buy from scam site your money will be lost.

You will NOT receive ANY support from us. Moreover we BLOCK illegal installations.

The only legal AmiBroker store worldwide is


Again, BEWARE of Indian "businesses".

NO ONE in India is allowed to sell AmiBroker

Person known as "Mr Alok" or "Mina Mukherjee" (merchant name) and web site "AmiSignals" is a FRAUD. YOU WILL LOSE your money if you pay them !

FRAUDSTER address: Address - DN Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, India

The same with "RichLiveTrade" - another Indian FRAUD.

Attention anyone in India is kindly requested to contact LOCAL POLICE and report them to local authorities


More on this: there are several "companies" in India that offer AFL formulas. All these AFLs are stolen, either from AFL on-line library or from the forum, groups and other places on the web.
DO NOT BUY formulas from Indian "vendors". These are all just COPIES of formulas written by someone else floating on the internet.


Somewhat off topic or maybe not but I just saw this and wanted to spread the word about scam centers in India. Stay safe and don't let the scammers take advantage of you.

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Rich Live Trade is another INDIAN SCAM. Unaware people are buying from this person only to find out that they are selling illegal copies of our software without having rights to sell. The software stops working and people lose their money.


Indian scammers get British media attention and scammers start to get arrested.

Again spread the word about scam centers in India. Stay safe and don't let the scammers take advantage of you.


Hi dranokar, I joined a local institute to learn technical analysis. They installed Amibroker on my system and I paid them Rs. 24,000 (~USD 320) for software and data for 1 year. Now after one year, I asked them to renew my data subscription and they said I've to pay the entire Rs. 24,000 again. I read about Amibroker on forums and learned that buying the software has a one time fee. I don't know on whose name they registered the software. In About Amibroker, I see it registered to Nieo-URET. I don't know who that user is and what email id was used. What can I do now to make sure this installed version that I have is not lost if something happens to my system?

@vinay.joshi The software that you have is ILLEGAL. You don't have ANY license. You have bought from SCAMMERS. Contact LOCAL POLICE and report FRAUD. If you bought by credit card - contact your bank and report fraud.

Don't pay anything to Indian scammers. NOBODY in India has any right to offer AmiBroker.

The ONLY legal place to buy AmiBroker license is our web site:

By the way: all people without license are NOT allowed to post on this forum and as soon as such account is detected it gets suspended/banned.


correct they are selling cracks..

Seeing my work stolen massively in India (and other territories, although not to that extent) has been major demotivating factor for software development in the last years.
It is not only the people who are selling those cracks who are responsible but also the people who are buying and using cracks are responsible. . They think it is harmless because it is "digital". No, it is not harmless. Piracy kills the software. Paying pirate is the worst thing you can do. You are partner in crime. You encourage piracy and you discourage genuine software development. You would be amazed how many people buy software for sole reason that their crack stopped working. That is their only motivation. They don't even feel any guilt. I see that everyday. Somehow they can find the right web page when something stops working but weren't able to find it before. They send me even "receipts" from those scammers proving that they paid to scammers, but run for help to me. People need to wake up. Software will not be developed if original software authors are being discouraged each and every day by being robbed shamelessly by thousands of people.


Yes sir, You are 100% right.

@Tomasz isn't there any thing you can do about it from a legal perspective to put a stop to it?

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I am doing many things including blocking cracks from working and filling DMCA takedown notices for download sites. From legal point of view you have to go fill DMCA for every single web page that contains illegal content. And big corporations like Google and Facebook don't really care, they eventually handle DMCA takedown after a month of waiting, if ever.

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