Do NOT steal the software!

This post is a wakeup call for people who think that software grows on trees and think it is fine to steal other peoples work.

It is NOT.

There is growing evidence that content of members area (which is accessible only using password) is leaking and unauthorized persons gain access to my hard work.

This means that some of the people who purchased the software violated licensing rules and gave private confidential member-only information to others.

Those who do this need to realize that is not Microsoft, Apple or Amazon. We don't collect "commissions" on services, we don't sell tangible goods.'s only income is from selling software licenses - fruits of hard intellectual work backed by 30+ years of programming knowledge and experience. does not hire hundreds or even dozens of people.

If income from SELLING LEGAL licenses does not cover absolutely minimum expenses that has the software will NO longer be developed and NO longer accessible.

"Sharing" members-only content with unauthorized users is stealing and does permanent, irreversible damage.

STEALING the software will hurt YOU. Will hurt everyone using AmiBroker.

This post is especially addressed to citizens of world's sixth-largest economy as practically all leaking can be traced to IPs there.

If stealing does not stop we will need to apply some extreme measures to protect our hard work.


I agree ,I pay 5 times since 2010 for this best software that ever Exists.

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I completely agree with Tomasz

This country is India.

Please stop the trial version. Or make it to function only for a week. 90% will leave and 10% will buy who will be loyal to the rules....

I refer to

This post is especially addressed to citizens of world's sixth-largest economy as practically all leaking can be traced to IPs there!!

Trial is needed for many reasons and as it is does not present a problem.

One possible action is changing forum rules so people who use email address that is not registered will have access restricted to "trial" category and nothing else. This presents some integration problem as Discourse does not know about AB registrations but situation is requiring some steps.


Much needed one!

Appreciate for thinking this also to protect the community. Unfortunately, some perceive others' sweat of hard work as their own premise of plagiarism to take things for granted. And that is utterly clap-trap!

The only trouble is that some people use different email address for forum and different for registration. One possible solution would be adding "Forum user name" field into "Account information" page in the members area where user would be able to specify forum user name. Entering proper forum user name in the members zone would grant a special badge "Valid license" and place user into "licensed" group. Then licensed group can have more privileges than others.

I think that one-time action of entering forum user name in the members area would not present much of the problem, don't you think?

One disadvantage of that is when licensed user does not do that, then he/she would be incorrectly assumed as "trial" user.


Not much of a problem, if users understand the need for taking such steps. But you never know, some narcissists might grudge. But considering current situation and to prohibit help-vampire infestation it is very much necessary, worth-it and long awaited!

Just few suggestions!

Registered or unregistered, anyone, who has an account in this Forum is interested in AmiBroker either to learn or share or do both.

IMO (which can be incorrect), the only reason for using different emails might be that, an user no longer or seldom uses the email with which he/she got registered.

Since, registered users of this Forum intend to be a part of the AmiBroker community, where there is a match of Email ID (i.e. between user list and Discourse forum user list), may I suggest you to automatically link their Forum User Name to Member Zone with no option to edit that in future (i.e. hidden from public view to respect their privacy). Thus, you no longer need solicitation from them.

There is no way to segregate users, for where there is a mismatch of Email ID, i.e. it cannot be classified whether the person is a Registered member (using a different email address), or Unregistered or on Trial. A mass-mailer to all such unmatched email-ids explaining what-to-do would ideally suffice.

Particularly, the uninformed Registered Users of the Forum using a different email Id would get aware. The rest of the forum members would know what to do.

Alternately, for the mismatched email id users, may I suggest you to prompt an alert with a link (something like this) every time they login to this Discourse Forum until the steps are completed. By visiting the link such member would be required to mention the email address with which they got themselves registered (or their Membership Id that they use to access the Member zone). Then it would automatically imprint their Forum user name to Member zone. If a Forum member is on trial or yet not registered (i.e. exceeded the trial period), they can specify so in the prompted alert and have restricted access as stipulated by you.

And those who have lost their Member Id or forgotten their Registered Email Id, can directly contact AmiBroker Support and follow the same process that we currently have.

This way, even if a member chooses to use a different email-address in the forum for convenience sake, by specifying the Registered Email Id or their Member Id can still relay his/her membership status to, via the link. And the forum users can be classified automatically.

Probably, you will do the best!

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Oh! I forgot to mention, please sue Wise Stock Trader (dot) com. By far they offer a bigger premise to summon infiltrators.

The only trouble is that some people use different email address for forum and different for registration.

@Tomasz you knew this could happen and yet suddenly close discussions for users that is using non registered accounts, this is a huge time waste for them and in fact could harm those who use Amibroker in business.

I got my last post closed (Data plugin development errors) on weekend while support is not working and i am required to prove my registration status before it comes back (i don't know how to do it on weekends)

a good reason for using different email is that a corporate can have multiple licenses under 1 email that they are delivered to others to work on, I can't really access the email that we bought the license with nor have a clue (or even care) for installing the license myself on my PC. I have them done then my work comes after.

a side note, a forum cannot have an impact on your revenues at all (as i understand). In fact, using the forums could encourage trial users to buy a license since they don't have access to features provided by paid amibroker but still see what it can do. The forum is a huge marketing for the software and how powerful it can become.

Sorry but for plugin development it is absolutely necessary to have purchased license.

The commercial use of AmiBroker Development Kit without valid license is illegal.

The trial is only for evaluation before purchase. Not for any commercial or any kind of profit-generation use.

Also licenses are PERSONAL, for PERSON, not company. Each person who uses AmiBroker needs separate license. Single-user license is as its name says for SINGLE person, not company.

The work I do requires time, effort, knowledge and energy to do. Sorry but I don't run on solar power and I have to get paid for my work.

Basic license is cheap $279 and surely any company can afford it for every person that uses AmiBroker.


Why did you assume i don't want you to get paid for you work?

I am saying that my company bought multiple separate ultimate pack licenses (1 for each person using amibroker) using 1 email ! (which is why i don't have access to the email since it's owned by the company.) this is completely equivalent to what you said ! I didn't say that my company bought 1 license only for all of us !

Btw, i sent the licensed username (for my license) to the support email using my work email.

Sorry, but I have no way to verify such things when email used on the forum is completely different than registered one.
Email is the only way to identify users. Not in the sense of just saying "I am XX@yyy", but actually sending email from correct email address. This is how all e-mail verification systems work worldwide.The fact that someone says that user "X" is in fact user "Y" does not work.

By the way: you wrote to support from UNREGISTERED email.

For any licensing issues you have to contact support using REGISTERED email.

If you changed your email, you have to change it too on the Account Information page in the members zone.

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It is not about revenues, it is about conscience and awareness to STOP PIRACY.

Thank the Almighty that Tomasz is not a business-man, had that been the case, you & I wouldn't have had the privilege to use his AmiBroker - it would have stayed locked in closed doors of some top pro-firm. It is more on not taking undue advantage of someone's generosity.

Quoting from a post:

Genuine users on Trial will not leech upon like parasites and evidently their posts would hold some clue as to whether they are trying to understand certain aspects of a concept or just want to suck blood and time of help-givers.

The problem is with the users who use the application indefinitely using pirated copies and still expect free support without showing sign of slightest of any attempt to solve their own problems. Why should the Forum or the Community support them? Hence, the restrictions are absolutely necessary.

Anyone who wants to construct and trade his own ideas or want to experiment with the existing ones to fine-tune a system, be rest assured, there is nothing as effective as The time-tested AmiBroker.

@Tomasz, if feasible please allow the Forum Users to decide in which category (Registered, Trial or Unregistered) they fall into and accordingly impose the restrictions. If registered, let them share their Registered Email or AmiBroker Id and move-on with whatever email they want to use for the Forum. Discourse forums are highly customizable!


I do not condone software piracy. Amibroker is a perfect software for stock chart reading. Its speed and customization is unmatched. I doubt many here go through chart after chart everyday.:nerd_face:

As owner, you have to decide on software adoption(market share) versus revenue. For those who trade stocks, only 1 in 10 makes money. Maybe you should consider having a Amibroker Lite version for those who have affordability issue.

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Typically lowest-priced range for technical analysis software is <$500 (see Stocks&Commodities Readers' Choice awards categories). Even highest priced AmiBroker with all add-ons (AmiBroker Ultimate Pack) is within that range. Standard Edition is pretty much half of that ($279) that includes two years of support and upgrades (that is just $11.62 per month in first two years). Then comes half the price for the next 2 years of upgrades ($139) which gives you $5.80 per month (that assumes that you want to be constantly upgraded to cutting edge version, but you can also continue using version purchased first at zero cost)

Really can't you afford $5.80 per month and you want to trade?

So it is definitely very affordable already and price is no excuse for theft.


This post is Hall of Shame, the list of forum users who are found to use stolen software:

First on the list is:

  1. @insaneike - this guy on number of other forums is boasting that he uses cracks
    Here is how he abused generosity of this forum participants:
    Last used IP address: - IP Address Lookup: Location Pune, Maharashtra, India , Organization: Hathway IP Over Cable Internet