Do you know a AFL-Code for ATR based Stop Loss like in the picture?


It is from TradingView, I'm looking for a code like this in AFL. Search in Google. The origin Code from TradingView comes below. Do you have any idea?

indicator(title='Average True Range Stop Loss Finder', shorttitle='ATR', overlay=true)
length ='Length', defval=14, minval=1)
smoothing = input.string(title='Smoothing', defval='RMA', options=['RMA', 'SMA', 'EMA', 'WMA'])
m = input(1.5, 'Multiplier')
src1 = input(high)
src2 = input(low)
pline = input(true, 'Show Price Lines')
col1 = input(, 'ATR Text Color')
col2 = input.color(color.teal, 'Low Text Color', inline='1')
col3 = input.color(, 'High Text Color', inline='2')

collong = input.color(color.teal, 'Low Line Color', inline='1')
colshort = input.color(, 'High Line Color', inline='2')

ma_function(source, length) =>
    if smoothing == 'RMA'
        ta.rma(source, length)
        if smoothing == 'SMA'
            ta.sma(source, length)
            if smoothing == 'EMA'
                ta.ema(source, length)
                ta.wma(source, length)

a = ma_function(, length) * m
x = ma_function(, length) * m + src1
x2 = src2 - ma_function(, length) * m

p1 = plot(x, title='ATR Short Stop Loss', color=colshort, trackprice=pline ? true : false, transp=20)
p2 = plot(x2, title='ATR Long Stop Loss', color=collong, trackprice=pline ? true : false, transp=20)

var table Table =, 3, 1, border_width=3)

f_fillCell(_table, _column, _row, _value, _timeframe) =>

    _cellText = _timeframe + str.tostring(_value, '#.#')
    table.cell(_table, _column, _row, _cellText, text_color=col1)
    table.cell_set_text_color(Table, 1, 0,, transp=0))
    table.cell_set_text_color(Table, 2, 0,, transp=0))

if barstate.islast
    f_fillCell(Table, 0, 0, a, 'ATR: ')
    f_fillCell(Table, 1, 0, x, 'H: ')
    f_fillCell(Table, 2, 0, x2, 'L: ')

@EveryDayBetter that does not look like a trailing stop but just ATR bands (also known as Keltner Bands) around a moving average.

You can search this forum for Keltner bands or the user library like here,

If you are actually looking for an example of ATR trailing stops, again you can search on this forum. Additionally you can find an example here


The keyword "ATR bands" helped me to find the right code. Thank you very much.

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