Do you write me the AmiBroker code like the picture? I will pay you fully


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Start with buying genuine AmiBroker license at

Once you have AmiBroker license, then such patterns can be auto-detected using formulas included for example in (paid) add-on Pattern Explorer.

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Which pattern explorer copied from the yahoo group :slight_smile:

Surely AmiBroker's Yahoo mailing list (group) included many free pattern detection formulas as well. I do not use PE and did not have chance to verify whenever they have copied or not concepts from mailing list. It surely looks like they at least added something of their own.

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Dimitri wrote the original formula for the detection, I added the shading and numbers.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Pattern Recognition graph with shading");
//Pattern Recognition graph

//with shading and line touches


//Original pattern concept formula
//By Dimitri
//Modified by Anthony Faragasso

Just saying. There was / is no mention of original authors in their commercial version.


Sad to read this message. The first reply clearly states to buy original Amibroker and then proceed.

For which no reply had come yet..

Wish you had written the same and after confirmation provided your mail address to make some money.