Documentation for GuiSetColors()?

Hello @Tomasz,

I've just started using the Gui*() functions.
I notice that there is no documentation for the GuiSetColors() function?
I'm using v6.30.

It's missing on both the inline and online documentation. Have I missed something?

You can find a detailed description in AmiBroker 6.21 Read Me:

GuiSetColors( idFrom, idTo, border , clrText = -1, clrBack = -1, clrBorder = -1, clrSelText = -1, clrSelBack = -1, clrSelBorder = -1, clrHoverText = -1, clrHoverBack = -1, clrHoverBorder = -1, clrDisText = -1, clrDisBack = -1, clrDisBorder = -1)

idFrom, idTo - define range of control IDs that will use new colors. To set color for single control use the same value for both idFrom and idTo
border - defines border width of button (does not affect other control types)

clrText, clrBack, clrBorder - define colors of control text (fgcolor), background (bgcolor) and border (if border width is > 0 ) in "default" control state (unselected)
selectfgcolor. -1 means colorDefault and if all colors are set to default then control uses SYSTEM (Windows) look

clrSelText, clrSelBack, clrSelBorder - define colors in selected state
clrHoverText, clrHoverBack, clrHoverBorder - define colors in hover (mouse over) state
clrDisText, clrDisBack, clrDisBorder - define colors in disabled state

I also recommend studying this tutorial:

Using on-chart GUI controls -

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