Does Amibroker Include a Stock Scanner?

Hello, I am interested in AmiBroker and have questions about the software. Does AmiBroker include a scanner, something similar to FINVIZ that allows me to select a criteria (amount of volume, 52 week high, new highs and lows, etc) and then provides a listing of stocks? Thanks for your assistance.

@NYCGuy - Welcome to the forum and to the community.
As for you question - sure. Please check this link:

This is a basic example - but do not be misled - every quantifiable criteria ( like amount of volume, 52 week high, new highs and lows, etc… ) can be incorporated to filter a large universe of stocks in Amibroker.

In AB the word for “Scan” is “Exploration”

@NYCGuy AB Exploration is exactly what you need. Take a look at some other examples:

  1. Google Images of different kinds of exploration:

  2. AB Knowledge base:

  3. Forum (Tag exploration):