Does scale in/Scale out works for real time trading system?

The reasons why I love amibroker so much keep on growing.

I am recently developing a trading system( I already have one which will buy at certain RSI level and Sell at certain RSI Level). Most of the time, I realised stocks would go up even after my sell.

So I was thinking of hire a developer who can help me scale in/scale out, so in stead of 100 stocks ( I usually by 100 stocks for each ticker) exit, my system would exit 50 stocks at first target and next 25 stocks at target and final one unless trailing hit (else keep riding). So I was asked to pay $1500 for these scaling in/out code.

Then I stumbled upon a dedicated page for scaling in our lovely forum link inline

My question is, are they good for only backtesting/analysis or can they actually work on real trading systems?

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