Does Windows 11 affect performance of Amibroker?

Based on this article, Windows 11 security features affect gaming performance noticeably. In some cases, performance was affected by double-digit percentages.

I'm wondering if Windows 11 affect Amibroker performance as well. For example, in backtesting, exploration, viewing charts with complex underlying AFL scripts etc

Anyone experienced performance impact with Windows 11?


As the article explains, some "security" features in Windows 11 are based on virtualization. Virtualization "by design" is an extra layer that has its cost. 5% performance impact reported by article is hardly noticeable but why don't you just wait a bit with jumping to Windows 11.
There is really no reason to use Windows 11 the very first day. Let the others be testers for Microsoft.


AMD officially confirms up to 15% performance drop on Windows 11 on all Ryzen processors:

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Thank you for the link. I'm using AMD CPU. I will wait for Windows updates to fix this problem before upgrading to Windows 11.

I'm not sure if Amibroker is one of the applications which will be impacted but I don't see much reward in upgrading Windows 11 early.

One thing is for sure. If Amibroker's speed performance drops as a result, it's Microsoft's fault, not Amibroker's. :grin:

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Quick FYI...
AMD CPU cache 6x slower under Windows 11 (TomsHarware Testing)

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Do we have any new user experiences with win11 and Amibroker? Do you see a significant performance impact? Did Amibroker work after the upgrade?

AmiBroker works perfectly fine on every Windows version starting from Windows 2000.

AmiBroker is written in such a way that it will continue to work on every Windows version in the future as long as Microsoft will support desktop applications (such as their own desktop MS Office). And they will continue to do so because thousands of existing desktop applications are reason why Windows OS is still popular.

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