Donchian 20 high

Please i serch donchian system 20 period con filter ROC(20) above 30 if possible ? thx
ex.donchian upper 20 long if roc(20) above 30

Hello hughes1970: Donchain channels are the highest high value and lowest low value of the last n-days as referenced yesterday.

n = 20; //your choice here
don_upper = hhv( ref( high, -1), n) ;
don_lower = llv( ref( low, -1), n ) ;
don_avg = ( don_upper + don_lower ) / 2 ;

plot( don_upper, "Donchian High", colorGreen, styleline ) ;
// use plot and change to don_upper and don_lower

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@Coltrane153 it is nice of you to help @hughes1970 . But if @hughes1970 would show that he is willing to spend a few minutes of effort, then he could find afl's for Donchian all over the internet and on this forum.

Donchian Channel Indicator

Let's hope he makes a minimal amount of effort to add a ROC(). It seems like some days the forum is filled with posts by people that want to make no effort to actually learn how to use AmiBroker. I like helping members who actually may some day come back and help others on the forum, but some seem to have no interest in actually learning the software.


This line will echo in eternity :slight_smile:


thank you so much
I will come back to the forum
when I will be more experienced