Don't use cracks, they don't work, was: Settings are not getting saved

my software is not saving the parameters of my indicators. every time i am starting my machine, all parameters gets changes.
example: EMA value i have fixed at 36 on price candle ----before closing the software; i click LAYOUTS----GLOBAL----save as---then save it with a particular name.

now when i re start the amibroker........this EMA value becomes 15.
like wise other indicator parametrs also get changed. before buying the original version of amibroker, i was using pirated version and was facing the same problem . To get rid of this problem, i spent such a heavy price to buy the original version but my problem still remained same.
if i contact the lenovo people for this (laptop company) , they say - every thing is fine from their side.
if i contact you for this problem---you say; contact lenovo people.
im really tired.
please help

You're one of those people are you! Do you have any shame???


This is precisely what happens when you use CRACKED software.
You get problems.
And the problems CAUSED by cracks are serious.
Cracks DO NOT work. They just cease to work quickly after install and leave problems.

If you were using cracks you have two options.

Option 1: REFORMAT YOUR DRIVE and install everything fresh


Option 2: DELETE all offending content

  1. you have to DELETE ENTIRELY AmiBroker folder manually.

  2. make sure that you don't have VirtualStore folder like this:

    C:\Users\*current logged in user*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker

    If such folder exists, it means that your AmiBroker was NOT properly installed in first place. Existence of such folder means that writes are redirected by Windows to wrong place (VirtualStore) and they may cause all kinds of troubles including inability to save new content.

    To fix that you need to delete Virtual Store folder
    C:\Users\*current logged in user*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker

  3. You have to perform proper FULL SETUP of AmiBroker software. Run the setup in "Full Installation" (not "Upgrade") mode as shown in the picture below:

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The fact that you finally bought it does not entitle you to being rude to other people.
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