Don't use Google Drive for logs was: Write text to log fails intermittently

Sometimes the 'Write text to log' batch step fails. Running the same batch again succeeds. Nothing else has the log file open. Google Drive sync is present though. The problem occurs in a few other batch' also.


There is nothing in AmiBroker that would cause problem other than 3rd party software locking the file.
GoogleDrive is very likely to cause problem. Don't use it for logs.

I use Notepad ++ and Baretail extensively for log file reading and writing. Whilst all the time Google Drive is syncing without issue.

Can I request that AB uses the same non-locking methods for log file access.

As I wrote: AmiBroker has nothing to do with that. AmiBroker DOES NOT lock file permanently. AmiBroker only opens file for appending (fopen with "a" flag - read the Microsoft docs) for the microsecond it needs to write the file. There is no way to append to file without opening the file for writing. Opening for writing/appending will fail if OTHER PROCESS locks the file. Notepad example is futile because it does not use "append" mode.