DOT NET error (3rd party), was: Error while running AmiBroker in vps


AmiBroker version
( 32-bit, cooltool.dll 6.0.2,  mfc42.dll 6.6.8063,  msvcrt.dll 7.0.9600 )

Microsoft Windows 8.1 version 6.3 (Build 9600) WOW64
Service Pack 0.0, Common Controls: 6.16

Unhandled exception
Type:	CSysException
Code:	e0434352
Address:	768D5EF8

Detailed exception information:
Broker.exe caused an  in module <UNKNOWN> at 0023:768D5EF8

Call Stack:

CPU Registers:
EAX=0D6BEF98  EBX=00000005  ECX=00000005  EDX=00000000  ESI=0D6BF05C
EDI=00000001  EBP=0D6BF090  ESP=0D6BEFFC  EIP=72FF5383  FLG=00000212
CS=0023   DS=002B  SS=002B  ES=002B   FS=0053  GS=002B

Additional information:

Multi-threaded charts - ENABLED

Number of stock loaded: 63
Currently selected stock: BANKNIFTY11OCT1824800CE.NFO
Number of quotes (current stock): 62446

Data source = NDPA, Data local mode = 1, NumBars = 500000

Data source = (local), Data local mode = 1, NumBars = 1000

Command history:
3025 - Change parameters--Parameters
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2855 - Zoom out chart--Zoom out
2816 - Zoom in chart--Zoom in (+SHIFT zoom out, +CTRL normal, +SHIFT+CTRL to range)  
2816 - Zoom in chart--Zoom in (+SHIFT zoom out, +CTRL normal, +SHIFT+CTRL to range)  
2816 - Zoom in chart--Zoom in (+SHIFT zoom out, +CTRL normal, +SHIFT+CTRL to range)  

Cache manager stats:
Number of list elements: 4
Number of map elements: 4
Hash table size: 5987

Memory status:
  MemoryLoad: 95 %
  TotalPhys:      4193764K  AvailPhys:       180600K
  TotalPageFile:  4194303K  AvailPageFile:  1008780K
  TotalVirtual:   4194176K  AvailVirtual:      8120K

Logging started 2018-10-08 11:57:32
    29.87 ms : Enabling low frag heap (0.59 ms)
    30.46 ms : Launching splash screen (18.42 ms)
    48.89 ms : Waiting for splash screen (10.05 ms)
    58.94 ms : Waiting for splash screen (22.99 ms)
    81.93 ms : Waiting for splash screen (8.63 ms)
    90.56 ms : Alloc other stuff (8.07 ms)
    98.62 ms : Loading amisci.dll (35.74 ms)
   134.36 ms : Setting up SEH translator (17.67 ms)
   152.03 ms : Initializing OLE (3.85 ms)
   155.88 ms : Initializing RichEdit (75.90 ms)
   231.78 ms : Checking current working directory (0.99 ms)
   232.77 ms : Loading persistent variables (0.51 ms)
   233.28 ms : Loading MRU lists (24.27 ms)
   257.56 ms : Loading commisison table (0.21 ms)
   257.76 ms : Loading preferences (5.56 ms)
   263.32 ms : Initializing display settings (79.43 ms)
   342.76 ms : Loading old groups and markets (68.51 ms)
   411.27 ms : Loading GICS and ICB (16.56 ms)
   427.82 ms : Loading plugins (441.78 ms)
   869.60 ms : Loading AT interfaces (0.21 ms)
   869.81 ms : Loading AFL function table (3.75 ms)
   873.56 ms : Init chart infos (3.84 ms)
   877.40 ms : Loading parameters (1.34 ms)
   878.74 ms : Loading chart infos (2.06 ms)
   880.81 ms : Loading custom tools (1.99 ms)
   882.80 ms : Allocating lists (0.37 ms)
   883.17 ms : Loading layers and alerts (5.64 ms)
   888.81 ms : Loading miscellaneous data (0.06 ms)
   888.86 ms : Adding MDI templates (12.58 ms)
   901.44 ms : Register OLE server (82.00 ms)
   983.44 ms : Creating main frame object (62.81 ms)
  1046.26 ms : Loading main frame (441.55 ms)
  1487.81 ms : Parsing command line (0.04 ms)
  1487.84 ms : Checking Broker.Document object registration (9.07 ms)
  1496.91 ms : Dispatch commands via ProcessShellCommand (0.11 ms)
  1497.02 ms : Showing main frame window (480.99 ms)
  1978.01 ms : Setting up accelerators (2.43 ms)
  1980.44 ms : Loading database (LoadMarketData) (2417.54 ms)
  4397.98 ms : Setting active symbol (42.41 ms)
  4440.39 ms : Opening default chart (124.31 ms)
  4564.70 ms : Loading default workspace/layout (451.19 ms)
  5015.90 ms : Closing startup splash screen (async in 1 second) (1.72 ms)
  5017.62 ms : *InitInstance finished

Clearly, you have run out of memory space for 32-bit process. You are using 32-bit version AND unsupported 3rd party data plugin (NDPA). Third party data plugin may be leaking memory or you may be using too many bars for 32-bit version. Remove plugin and/or lower the number of bars.

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Hi Tomasz,

getting this error out of blue.

Sorry for the naivety, but any help would be highly appreciated.

2020-06-29 (5)

It is not "out of the blue". The exception code e0434352 clearly indicates the source of the problem. The error comes from .NET (Common runtime) and AmiBroker does NOT use .NET.

This obviously points out that the culprit is .NET based plugin (DOT NET).

The solution is to Remove .NET plugins.

See also:

I already mentioned elsewhere that 3rd party .NET plugins are misbehaving and cause trouble

Thanks a lot Tomasz, for the prompt reply.

The reason I said it FELT like 'Out of the blue' to me was as AFL scans(real time) were working completely fine till day before yesterday.

Also removing .Net plugin means no RT data from vendor.
Not removing means no real time AFL scans.

Any guidance would be highly appreciated & would remain obliged for the same.


The complain to vendor of data plugin based on .NET., not here.

Tell them to drop .NET. It is useless. AmiBroker API for data plugins does NOT support .NET . They took malfunctioning 3rd party .NET product and built another malfunctioning .NET plugin upon it. It is their job to ditch .NET and write plugin properly in C++.

.NET has been widely DISCOURAGED by me, see Misbehaving 3rd party plugin: .NET for AmiBroker will be banned

No-one can fix other people software. You have to contact those who wrote the plugin that misbehaves.

The exception e0434352 is .NET ONLY and as I said there is NOTHING in AmiBroker that uses .NET. .NET is bloated and useless and AmiBroker DOES NOT use it.

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Just don't use .NET based plugins. Say NO to bloated software.