Doubts around correct folder for AFL files

Hello everyone,
Please help, please.
I have had to do an update and since then something has worried me.
Even though everything gives the impression that the working is normal.
Also the working with Norgate NDU.
But what troubles me is the following:
when I insert a previously made afl from the Custom folder into a chart, and when I look in the “File Path” of “Property Of”: then I see a link: Formulas \ Drag-drop \
Also when I make a new one, save it and when I call it, same place is in the Drag-drop folder.
In Preferences, in AFL, the box for “Move edited files from Drag-drop to Custom Folder” is checked.
Standard include path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Amibroker\Formulas\Include
Formula tree root path: Formulas
Show hidden folders (drag-drop folder is hidden by default) is checked.

Do I worry unjustly?
Or right?
If so, does someone know how to adjust?

For those who help me out of need, my sincere thanks now.

With kind regards,

@Telbank, I suggest you reread this part of the documentation:

How to use drag-and-drop charting interface

In particular, please, take note of this paragraph (found in the FAQ section at the bottom):

“Q. What is the difference between Insert and Insert Linked option in chart menu?”

A. Insert command internally creates a copy of the original formula file and places such copy into hidden drag-drop folder so the original formula will not be affected by subsequent editing or overlaying other indicators onto it. Double-clicking on formula name in the chart tree is equivalent to choosing Insert command from the menu. On the other hand Insert Linked command does not create any copy of the formula. Instead, it creates new chart pane that directly links to original formula. This way subsequent editing and/or overlaying other indicators will modify the original.

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Dear beppe,

Why din’t I find that?!
But there is so much to read…

In any case, thank you, thank you very much for helping me.
Kind regards,