Dow jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq

I want to have 3 separate databases, one with all stock in dow jones, one for S&P 500, and for Nasdaq. Anyone knows how I can do it and where I can get all the stocks.

Thank you

Tools->Update US symbol list and categories
menu (in 6.00 or higher)

I see it created 3 groups of stocks for Nasdaq, AMEX & NYSE. How can I create group for Dow Jones & S&P 500 stocks?

@Alan, if you go to a site like Barchart, you can download (it requires a free account) the list (as a .cvs file) of the SP500 components and Dow Jones and also for other indexes.

Then you can use the "Import Wizard" (under the "File" main menu item) to import the tickers to a specific Watchlist (and/or market or group)


(In this example, I'm importing tickers to a specific Group, to a Watchlist, and also to a Market - you can do it differently).

Please, before doing it, read the Import from ASCII file documentation carefully to learn more about the import functionality and additional commands.

Alternatively, you can edit the downloaded text files, leaving only the ticker column (with no header line), save the modified file as a .tls file and import it directly from the watchlist popup menu:


as described in this document (halfway down).

Finally, if you need to change / rearrange things you can use the Assignment organizer window (under the "Symbol" main menu item).

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Thank you very much.


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