Download, import data and assign symbol properties

(1) ASX Data, COMMODITIES Data & (2) How to find or install or locate data on Interface

I am after some direction please as to:

  • How to see downloaded data in Interface after it’s been downloaded (AmiQuote), including separating the data into categories and searchable databases? I have trawled through every post and info page for this but I am obviously not looking in the right area, and definantly not doing someting right.

  • I used AmiQuote for access to the Australian Equity, but can I please have an opinion as to what is the best, or better option for Data for .ASX (Australian Exchange) & also Commodities?


Have you imported it to Amibroker from AmiQuote using Tools / Import into Amibroker?


If so, you can view the data in the Quote Editor under the Symbol menu.


The best integrated solution for ASX and commodities data is Norgate Premium Data.

Hi Helix Trader,

Thanks for the assistance in this matter. I have attempted to complete your suggestion. Yet probably because I am not totally familiar with the ins & outs of the software I am struggling. So could I ask you (or others for further advice or even links to a video, you tube info session of reference document) for help around this:
I have followed all the .pdf advice and links for accomplishing the results around my desires. Yet I cannot get the simple matter of viewable data in any recognizable folders in the Amibroker tabs. I am obviously not doing something right – either in possible parameters I need to put in place, or simply something else.

I’ll summerise exactly what I am after so as to try and explain where I am falling down:

  1. Downloaded Data accessible in Folders inside the Amibroker; I realize that I have to grab the Norgate Data for the ASX which I will do.
    a. I am after Data feeds for - Have access to data for – USA Stocks, AUST Stocks, UK Stocks &
  2. Then all the Data Feeds categorized (Exchanges / Markets) in their own folder under the [Markets] Tab – and then the automatic download / installation continuing.
    a. I am not overtly savvy with the data feed control, and simply want to have it automatically managed thus allowing a constant and reliable stream of ongoing data for myself.
    b. Can this request I am after be possible with the AmiQuote Data, i.e. separated US Stocks and International Stocks?? ~ I am sure your suggestion to edit the data is possibly what you are trying to led myself towards, but I am not grasping the whole process I think.
    Any assistance to get this all setup initially would be greatly appreciated, especially for an almost simpleton..

~ Have a look at the screen snips I have below as they will provide some visuals to see what my Amibroker looks like, and what I am doing....


Database Settings

AmiQuote 1

AmiQuote Selection

AmiQuote - Automatic Import

AmiQuote - Import into AmiBroker

Amibroker Symbol Folders

I’m not 100% clear what you’re actually after, but these two things might help.

Menu / Window / Symbol Information shows the individual properties of a symbol.

The Analysis tab allows you to create a custom exploration (like a spreadsheet) of any data held in the database.

Hi again,

Apologies for any confusion.

I am pretty much after just the setup advice of how to get any database feed to occur for the software as a one setup process. Such as I pay for the data, install it via whatever feed system is required and then which then has an automatic feed into a folder (Exchange or Market names) category in the left hand side [Market] Tab in Amibroker.

At this stage I cannot seem to locate even the AmiQuote data feed download on the [Market] Tab.

I am obviously a novice in the datafeed installation structure, as I have been trying now for 3 days to get this organised and setup. I didn’t think it would be so hard, as I like what the software has to offer and look etc. (and even purchased it), but this data input structure style is proving to be difficult and arduous.

Thanks for you time too…


I would just save yourself a lot of time and hassle by getting the Norgate Premium Data solution. The data download and integration is seamless and very tightly integrated with Amibroker. You’ll then spend much less time as a data manager and much more as a trading strategy developer.

You can initially just purchase the data history for the markets you’re interested from them, to allow you to do your testing, then you can subscribe to daily updates once you have something to trade.

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I agree with Helix, you will really like Norgate trust me.

Also, congratulations on having a regular looking bar chart! We’re becoming a lost breed, with all this nonsense Candle stick charts or whatever else everywhere. :sunglasses:

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Okay. Thanks for the info from you both (Sean & HT). I’ll do the suggested and see how it all goes.

If I prove to screw this up and begin the drowning process again the next thing I’ll be doing is asking the community if there is any one in the Gold Coast or Brisbane Area (Qld - Aust) that wouldn’t mind giving me an hour of their time to assist me in an ‘Amibroker for Dummies’ lesson…

And thanks for the comment on the Bar Charts… simple is best when EOD Trading and Reading, especially for GANN interpretations and diagnosis.

If you need to master some basics these videos may help

I've just bought Amibroker and then the Norgate ASX history file. Everything is working, backtesting, optimisation etc. However I get a free daily ASX EOD data via Comsec and BellDirect but so far just cannot import the data so it adds to the charts produced using Norgate data. Norgate data is in ASX-PremiumData and charts run upto 13 Apr last week and new data appears to go into Amibroker Data folder and creates a new chart with 5 entries. There must be a way of adding the new data to the Norgate History files otherwise I've wasted my money and time, I'm getting frustrated in my old age (79).


You need to keep Norgate and Comsec in separate databases.

Norgate developed their own plugin and they totally manage their database.
They will remove symbols that are not in their setup during their maintenance.

Plugin-driven databases are generally read-only as explained here:
(except when symbol is marked as "use only local database")

I suggest to contact Norgate for the details of their maintenance process.

Hi @dave1939,

@NorgateData has a data converter that will let you export your history to text files:

From there you can create a new database, import the history files and keep them up to date using AmiQuote.

Without a subscription you’ll need to do your own database maintenance. I would recommend getting a subscription rather than trying to do that yourself as it can quickly become quite a mess.



Bigalgator has given a possible solution for you - the conversion then import into AmiBroker is a little tricky but should do what you want. You can then update it each day from your broker's CSV files.

However, you'll miss out on these events:
New listings/Symbol changes/Delistings
Adjustments for events such as stock splits
Automatically maintained watchlists for common symbol sets such as index constituents

We provide these features and more with a data subscription.

Just FYI re: Trying to manipulate data manually for use within Amibroker - you would find life less painful and more streamline if you purchased the on-going data through NorgateData as it's already crafted to fit into amibroker. The additional expense will save a lot of time for yourself. Trust me as I tried to do similar things like you are doing for a few weeks and it was constantly problematic and plagued with frustrations at every single step.